Khun is, in essence, nothing more than a military outpost, so it stands to reason that its primary features are its fortifications.

At its heart stands a keep, a stone box large enough to hold a thousand people, assuming they have little conception of personal space or hygiene, and enough supplies to feed them for a month. It houses a combined garrison of Aulic-Athanian and Khoral troops, and is ruled over by a garrison commander dispatched by the Priesthood of Man as penance. It is not recommended that you ask what the penance is for. The keep includes extensive underground storage space, including a prison block and a massive cistern that is not haunted. The gateway onto the bridge opens directly from a guard-post and staging room inside the keep.

Around the keep is a walled courtyard. Here the soldiers train and perform everyday labor in service of the garrison, here live various animals (mostly horses and hens) belonging to the garrison, and here penniless adventurers are allowed to camp, as long as they stay out of the way. The courtyard has one gate, leading out into the town. It is ruled over by the garrison commander.

Around the courtyard is the town proper, protected from the Waste by a berm, ditch, and fence that fool nobody. On one hand lies the market, a covered arcade full of craftsmen’s and vendor’s stalls. On the other lies the Dancing Green, where festivals are held, with a public well, a man-made pond stocked with ornamental fish (they are deadly poisonous don’t try to eat them), and several shrines. All around stand tall, narrow residential structures. It is ruled over by the garrison commander.

Outside of the town’s defenses lie scattered, opportunistic patches of farmland, cultivated by farmers daring enough to venture out and wise enough to venture right back in before sunset. It is ruled over by the garrison commander.

Khun’s chief imports are fools and hard liquor. Khun’s chief exports are rumors and bathos. The town contains a couple dozen households, most of them attached to or supporting the garrison. Magic use in town is under the jurisdiction of the Comptroller of Sorcery, an adjunct to the garrison who, while honest enough, is perfectly willing to have you killed and/or confiscate all your belongings if he believes you pose a threat to innocent lives.

It is recommended that adventurers who plan to base their operations in Khun learn and respect its laws.


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